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Plants in Chinese Garden

(Bei Mei Cui Bai,
Xiang Xue Song)
Calocedrus decurrens , Cupressaceae
(Incense Cedar)

Pungent fragrance in warm weather
California, Nevada, Oregon

(Xi Ma La Ya Xiang Bai,
Xue Song )
Cedrus deodar, Pinaceae
(Deodar Cedar, Himalaya Cedar)

Male catkins produce copious amount of pollen

(Cha Hua)
Camellia, Theaceae

many species
Showy flowers in white, pink, red and yellow; sometimes fragrant
Blooms late Sept. to May
Eastern and Southern Asia

(Yun Nan Shan Cha)
Camellia reticulata, Theaceae
(Yennan Camellia)

Has the largest and most spetacular flowers in Camelia
Noticeable seed capsules
Yunnan Province in S. China

(Mu Gua Hai Tang)
Chaenomeles 'Nomura', Rosaceae
(Flowering quince)

Blooms early spring

(Xiang zhang)
Cinnamomum camphora, Lauraceae
(Camphor tree)

Aromatic leaves; small black fruits
China, Japan

(Hui Lan)
Cymbidium, Orchidaceae

Terrestrial orchids
Flowers come in many colors; some are fragrant; many bloom in summer and fall
Southeast Asia
(To see more, visit my orchid page)

(La Mei)

*North Vista
Chimonanthus praecox , Calycanthaceae

Strong frangrant flowers in late winter or early spring

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