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Plants in Chinese Garden

(Yu Lan)
Magnolias, Magnoliaceae

Bear single flower at the end of the branches
Striking flowers come in many colors; some are fragrant
Widely distributed around the world

(Er Qiao
Yu Lan)
Magnolia x soulangeana, Magnoliaceae
(M. denudata X M. lilliflora)
(Saucer Magnolia)

Fragrant flowers in late winter to early spring

(Han Xiao)
Michelia, Magnoliaceae

Very similar to Magnolia in many ways, except flowers are in clusters among the leaves
China, Himalayas

(Bai Sang)
Morus alba, Moraceae
(White Mulberry, Silkworm Mulberry)

Leaves are silkworm food
Inconspicuous flowers; edible white, pink or purple fruit that stains

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