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Plants in Chinese Garden

(Mei Hua)
Prunus mume , Rosaceae
(Japanese Flowering Plum, Japanese Flowering Apricot)
Flowers in white, pale pink or hot pink before leafout; single and double; bloom Dec. to Jan.
China, Korea, Japan

(Tao Hua)
Prunus persica, Rosaceae
(Flowering Peach)

Flowers in different colors late Jan. to Mar;
small inedible fruits

(Ri Ben Ying Hua)
Prunus serrulata 'Pink Cloud' , Rosaceae
(Pink Cloud Flwering Cherry)

Bright pink single flowers hang in clusters; bloom in Feb.

Pinus canariensis, Pinaceae
(Canary Island Pine)

New needles bluish green, old needles dark green
Canary Islands

(He Song)
Pinus thunbergii , Pinaceae
(Japanese Black Pine)

Stiff, bright green needles
Takes artistic pruning well
Japan, South Korea
Pinus torreyana, Pinaceae
(Torrey Pine, Del Mar Pine)

The rarest pine in US
Coastal San Diego and Santa Rosa Island

(Wu Zhu)
Phyllostachys nigra, Poaceae
(Black Bamboo)

Running bamboo

(Hua Ye Hai Tong)
Pittosporum tobira variegata , Pittosporaceae
(Variegated Mock Orange)

small creamy white fragrant flowers
Blooms in spring-early summer
China, Japan

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