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Aerangis (Aergs.)

(Gk: aer: air; angos: urn) Subfamily: Vandoideae.
About 50 species. Mostly tropical Africa. Mostly epiphytes, some lithophytes. Many flowers with long, nectar-filled spurs on raceme.

Aergs. Splendida (species)
Malawi, Zambia

Aergs. Luteoalba (species)
(Pheasant-eye Orchid)
Equatorial Africa
Flower size: 1' (2.5 cm)

Aergs. Fastuos

Aliceara (Alcra.)

Brassia x Miltonia x Oncidium

Alcra Pacific Nova "Pacific Height"

Alcra. Ursula Rohrl x Odem Big Mac "Distinctive"

Angraecum (Angcm.)

Subfamily: Epidendroideae.
About 220 species. Mostly tropical Africa and Madagascar. Mostly epiphytes, few are lithophytes. All flowers have long spurs. No pseudobulb. Monopodial growth.

Angcm. Eburneum (species)
Kenya to Tanzania

Angcm. Germinyanum (species)

Angcm. sesquipedale (species)
(Darwin's Orchid)

Ascocentrum (Asda.)

6 species from SE Asia. Epiphytes. Monopodial growth.

Ascocenda (Ascda.)

very showy and colorful hybrids
Ascocentrum x Vanda

Ascocentrum aurantiacum
ssp philippinensis (species)
the Philippines
Flower size: ~2/5" (1 cm)

Ascda. Princess Mikasa "Royal Sceptre"

Ascda. John DeBiase

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