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Encyclia (Encycl.)

(endydleomai: to encircle)
Native to New World tropical areas. Sympodial growth habit.

Encycl. Bractescens (species)
Mexico, Guatemala etc.

Encycl. Megalantha

Encycl. Radiata (species)
Mexico to Central and S. Americas.

(Clamshell or Cockleshell Orchid)
S. Florida and Central America

Encycl. prismatocarpum (species)

Epidendrum (Epi.)

Star Orchid or Crucifix Orchid (Epi: on top of; dendrum: tree)
More than 1,000 species. Native to tropical Americas. Mostly epiphic, few terrestrial. Reed-like stem. Pseudobulbs. Sympodial growth habit.

Epi. longiflorum (species) (Fragrant)
Columbia, Venzuela, Ecuador, Peru
Flower size: 4' (10 cm)

Epi. Ciliare (species)
Tropical Americas
Flower size: 5' (12.5 cm)

Epi. Raniferum (species)
Mexico to Central America
Flower size: 1' (2.5 cm)

Epi. Crystal Valley
Grow above Elevation 1500 m. Large to giant size terrestrial. Bloom in spring.

Epi. Blepharoclinium (species)


Epi. Euspathum (species)
(or: Epi. Lehmannii)
Ecuador and Peru


More than 500 species. Native to Tropical Asia, Malaysia, Australia to Pacific Island. Grow as Epiphytes, lithophytes, and sometimes terrestrials.

Eria Rhyncnostyloides (species)
(Clove-like fragrance)

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