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Gastrochilus (Gchls)

(gastro: stomach; cheilus: lip)
Epidendroideae. About 20 species.
Native to E. Asia to Malaysia. Epiphytes. Monopodial growth.

Grammatophyllum (Gram)

(gramma: letter; phyllon: leaf)
Epidendroideae. About 11 species.
Native to Indo-China to Indonesia, Philippine etc. Epiphytes with pseudobulbs.

Gchls. Dasypogon
India to Vietnam

Gram. Scriptum Var Citrinum "Hihimanu" (Bell Orchid)
Malaysia to SW Pacific

Gongora (Gga)

Epidendroideae. About 65 species.
Native to Central and Tropical S. America, mostly Columbia. Epiphytes. Conical pseudobulbs. Sympodial growth.

Gongora (species)

Gga. Aromatica Brown
Guatemala and Nicaragua

A single flower of Gongora (upper left) inflorescence

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