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Orchids belong to the family Orchidaceae which is the largest and most diverse family of flowering plants. There are more than 800 genera and 25,000 species of orchids, and more hybrids and cultivars are created every year. There are many fascinating orchids and here are the ones I got chance to picture. You can see details of orchid flower structures on my Huntington library conservatory page, and there are more pictures of orchids at the special display in the conservatory.

China has over 1000 species of orchids and has been cultivated orchids for over 2000 years. Cymbidium is the first to attract attention and still the most esteemed of all orchids. To most chinese, cymbidium is the first comes to mind when you mention orchid. The appreciation for their graceful foliage and heavenly fragrance developed into symbolisms and metaphors which are deeply interwoven into chinese culture. Along with Prunus mume, bamboo and chysanthemum, they are one of the favorite art subjects in China.