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Masdevallia (Masd.)


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About 500 very different species. Primarily in S. America Andes. Showest parts of flowers are their sepals.
Can be epiphytes, terrestrials or lithophytes. Sympodial growth.

Masd. Erinaceae (species)
Costa Rica to Ecuador

Masd.Wenlandiana (species)
S. Tropical America

Masd. Livingstoniana (species)
Costa Rica to Panama

Masd. Strobelli (species)

Masd. sanguinea (species)

Masd. Geneva Spots
(M. Chaparensis x M. White Swallow)

Masd. Fandango
(M. Copper Angel x M. Monarch)

Masd. Hybrid
(M. Coccinea x Angel)

Masd. Angel Frost
(M. veitchiana x M. strobelii)

Masd. Caesia?

Masd. Mendozae

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