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Paphiopedilum (Paphs)




Lady's Slipper Orchids. (pedilon: slipper)
Member of Cypripediodeae
About 77 species. Native to tropical and subtropical Asia. Mostly terrestrial, some are epiphytes and lithophytes. Symbodial growth. No pseudobulb. Mostly hybrids.

Paph species
Yunnan, China

Paph barbigerum (species)
S. China, Thailand

Paph Spicerianum (species)
India, Bhutan

Paph Charles Worthii (species)
N. Burma to S. China

Paph Glaucophyllum (species)

Paph Hybrid
(primulinum x Greyi)

Paph Hybrid
(primulinum x Narito Hasegawa)

Paph Hybrid
(Argus x Rothschildianum 'Mrs. Rahder')

Paph Hybrid Mukuli
(Maudiae 'Los Osos' x P. Sukhakulii 'Sorrento')

Paph Hybrid
(Macabre x Ruby Mist)

Paph Hybrid
(Macabre x Ruby Peacock)

Paph Hensietha Fujiursa

Paph Dolgoldi 'Halloween'
(armeniacum x rothschildianum)

Paph Petulas Ghost

Paph Hybrid Eerie Flamex Impulse

Paph Hybrid
(Hirsutissimum x Via Virgenes)

Paph Hybrid
(Key Lime x Onyx)

Paph. Hybrid
(Helladora x Peter Black x Golden Acres)

Paph Snowman
(Greenhorn x FC puddle)

Paph Witib Moor 'Ashland'

Paph. Delophyllum

Paph. Nenyanum

Paph. Ninja

Paph Sir Redvers Buller "Superbum"

Paph. Urbanianum

Paph Barbigerum (species)
S. China, Thailand

Paph Primulinum (species)

Paph Concolor (species)
S. China to Indo-China

Paph Maudiae Magnificum

Paph New Direction

Paph Hybrid
(Alma Gavaert x lawrenceanum v. hyeanum)

Paph Song of Love
(Ren. Storiei x Paph. chamberlainianum)

Paph Hybrid
(Paph. chamberlainianum x Ren. Storiei)

Paph Hybrid
(Pulsar x BlkCherry x fairrieanum)

Paph. Glaucolowii

Paph Dianthum

Paph Juno
(Callosum x fairrieanum)

Paph Lemonteanum
Calypso x roth childianum

Paph Blanch Sawyer

Paph Hybrid
(Eric Meng x Hamshire Raven)

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