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Sophronitis (S.)



About 65 species. Native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Epiphytes and lithophytes.

*Original this is a small genus that has 4 or 5 epiphytic diminutive species from the mountains of Brazil. In 2000, it has included the related Brazil species from Laelia (L.) which mostly still retain their original names commercially.
The smalles sophronitis:
This miniature plant rarely grown taller than 2" (5 cm).

S. Cernua (species)
(The Nodding Sophronitis)
Flower size: ~1 1/4" (2.5-3.1cm)

L. Purpurata 'Rosa cereja' x L. Purpurata 'Colecao'

L. Purpurata (species)
Brazil (National Flower)
Flower size: ~6" (15cm)

L. Mixta (species)
(The Mixedup Laelia)

L. Lundii (species)
Flower size: ~1 1/2" (2.5-4cm)

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