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Zygopetalum (Z.)

(zygon: yoke; petalon: petal) Subfamily Epidendroideae.
About 15 species. S. America, mostly in high elevation of Brazil. Mostly terrestrial, few epiphytic. Waxy, long-lived flowers with narcissus-like fragrance. Sympodial growth. Deciduous pseudobulbs.

Zygopetalum Hybrid
(Artur Elle 'Randy' x Kiwi Dusk 'Sweet Pea')

Zygopetalum Hybrid
(Blackii 'Negress' x Kiwi heyser 'suprise')

Zygopetalum Redvale 'Pretty Ann'

Zygopetalum Titanic


About 12 species. Jamaica and Central America through the Andes. Closely related to Pleurothallis.

Zootrophion Vulturiceps (species)
The Vulture headed Zootrophion
Costa Rica

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